For its 3rd edition, BlockHack brings together not just the Blockchain developer community, but continues to make Blockchain accessible for a much wider audience.

BlockHack is a Blockchain hackathon, but we have tried to navigate through some of the pitfalls that litter the Blockchain space. First and foremost, the Blockchain developer community is spread far and wide – not just geographically but also intellectually. There is a huge developer base, but perhaps not a lot of Blockchain collaboration. Second, and it reflects the first hurdle, there are many Blockchain technologies, sometimes competing with each other, which makes Blockchain hackathons very difficult. And the one question which demands answering and which can polarise: which Blockchain technology do you focus on?

Edward Buchi , co-founder of BitcoinBay, puts it very simply, “BlockHack is platform agnostic”. Rather than adhere to solving a singular problem from a technical point of view, it is much more inclusive of specializations and approaches. “It’s something that reflects in our mentors and our audience. We have a lot of people coming in from the student community and fintech professionals who are curious about the field. Rather than hear this is right or this is wrong, because you can’t say that right now about any one particular technology, they want a bigger overview into what is out there”.

Blockchain technologies will have an impact not on the behind-the-scenes computer science: it is going to change how we do business and remodel the concept of a business relationship. And that’s what Bitcoin Bay is helping achieve. Blockhack is already one of the biggest hackathons in downtown Toronto, and the community is continuing to grow rapidly.